Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on 2011

This year has really been something else. It started out  pretty quietly, slow even. I was crocheting quite a bit, sharing lots of pretties and music. I participated in my first charity Caps for Good, which helped provide hats to keep babies warm and ultimately reduce newborn deaths in the developing world.

In mid-March life around here got turned upside down! My Mom was in an accident. Long Story short a woman was turning into a parking space and instead of braking when she saw my Mom and her co-worker, she hit the gas. So my Mom was hospitalized for a little over a month and eventually   lost her right leg (below the knee) while there. To be honest April, May and June were a blur insomnia, stress anxiety and frustration as fill in Mom. So I took a little break in April.
My Mom is doing well, Thank God!

It surprised me when I looked back, that I was even able to keep blogging. I know that I blogged though as a distraction from all the was going on at home. And I got through it!

I signed myself to a few art journaling classes over the summer, took Elsie's Blog Love course, enjoyed the cooler than normal summer days. Drank lots of iced coffee, and iced chai's!

Enjoyed Fall but it definitely flew by because it got cold fast! I got busy crocheting since I ignored my yarn and hooks all spring and summer really. 

I'm definitely looking forward to what the New Year has in store. I'm hoping to get some much needed "me" time!