Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Things....

3 Names I Go By:
Alice-Only my family calls me this and oldest best friend. Otherwise it's off limits, hehe
mzglorybox- name I use/d on many different sites
Ali-my cousins called me this when they were little  and couldn't say my full name

3 Places I Have Been To:
Now the places I have been to
Seattle- I would move there. I LOVE the Pacific Northwest!
Portland- the first time was to visit and then I eventually lived there for a short while
Las Vegas- just fun!

3 Places I Would Like to Visit:
Okay that's more than three and really the list could go on and on.

3 Jobs I Have Had:
Teacher's Aide at a Daycare Center. It was my very first job :)
Barista- Oh yeah, I made coffee. It was one of my favorite jobs.
Sales Associate- at a Crate and Barrel type store, discount clothing store, etc.

3 TV Shows I Watch:
Modern Family
Raising Hope

Just thought I'd share. I got the idea from a post robot love did awhile back.