Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Words for the Year

Heart Soul Magic

3 cause I'm greedy! just kidding!
Might seem like too much or something, but not the way I was feeling the last few days of the year. Last year's word was Intention. And it was a great word. But I didn't really think out how I would put Intention to work for me. So I didn't really think about it till nearly the end of the year. So I really wanted to choose a word that I could incorporate into my life and that would benefit me the most.
I had wondered how I would choose my word for 2015, because nothing was popping out at me. And I really didn't want to do the random page opening and close your eyes thing. That's when I received my email for Unraveling the Year Ahead. Thankfully Susannah (Conway) announced that she would be hosting a Find Your Word 5 day email class. So I was in!  I did the work sheets included and wrote as honestly as possible since I would be the only one reading these pages. And I had a list of 5 choices. Heart & Soul (without reservations : completely, wholly) was there separately from Magic (the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces;wonderful; exciting). And those two choices were the ones I was drawn to. So I decided to merge them together.  
Because I want to make sure that I'm working from my complete self and noticing the magic that is around me. I want to be able to check in with myself and figure how does this work for my Heart & Soul. It also works to be more open to my Heart Soul Magic needs. Love too.
I'm off to look for some Magic right now.