Thursday, April 10, 2014

20 Things I Give Myself Permission For...

First Photo: April 2014 Photo a Day List from Fat Mum Slim
  • to laugh out loud 
  • to sleep a little longer
  • to dance like no one is watching
  • to sing out loud, off key, whatever
  • to enjoy more time with friends
  • to make mistakes
  • to have an extra cookie (every so often)
  • to daydream 
  • to cry my eyes out
  • to be messy
  • to make future travel plans (even if they don't happen)
  • to try new things
  • to let go 
  • to not worry about the little things
  • to enjoy lazy days
  • to make art even if no one will ever see it
  • to give myself alone time
  • to give up old hobbies
  • to move forward
  • to live, laugh & love
Second photo.

This post was inspired by LaWhimsy's post.