Friday, January 3, 2014

Intention is my Word of the Year

It was the word that I chose out of a deck of Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue. I'm thinking its a pretty good one too. The dictionary says it means: the thing you plan to do or achieve: an aim or a purpose. So I'm planning on having an intention behind my actions this year but I'm also going into this with an open mind, so that I don't limit myself to it's literal interpretation.

Last year's word was Emerge. And I took it as getting out more, cause I was becoming a bit of a hermit. So I said yes to more outings than I had the year before, when really the word took on a much different meaning for me. Feeling and fears that I hadn't even known I was suppressing began to surface. I was able to face these feelings/fears and take them on. It took me by surprise it realize how much I had been holding myself back. So I was able to learn and grow from this.
Working out also helped a stronger body emerge. I feel stronger than ever before both physically and mentally. Which helped me love myself. I thought I had loved myself all along but really I had been fooling myself.

I'm excited for this New Year. I've felt this excitement growing as the beginning of the year approached and it has not waned.

So a few Intentions for 2014:

  • Journal and art journal once a day. Even if all I get out is one word and only glue down one thing.
  • Share my work more. I've been afraid to do this.
  • Add another day of exercise.
  • Break up with cigarettes. I'm at one a day now, so yeah. I don't want to say it'll be easy. 
  • Trust my intuition. Don't ignore it.
  • Continue growing and learning.


✩ Our intention creates our reality. ~Wayne Dyer

Stay Tuned: Link Love coming later today!