Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Goals for December

This month's inspiration board. Love it. But I also want to take some of these images down, so I can use them in my art journal.

Hmm... okay now for the goals.

  • Put up the Christmas tree! I feel like I'm late on this one already.
  • Enjoy this Holiday season as much as possible. I feel like the season flew by last year. Which totally took the joy out of it for me. 
  • Catch a few Holiday movies. White Christmas, Elf, Love Actually, etc...  I've already watched The Santa Clause this weekend.
  • Listen to Holiday/Christmas music before bed, so I can have sweet dreams. :)
  • Reflect on the past year as I work through Unraveling the Year Ahead 2014 from Susannah Conway. I'm really looking forward to this. 
I also plan to continue the destash in progress.  

  • There are more clothes to sort through and box up to giveaway.
  • There are still books to list for resell on Amazon. 
The list could go on but I'll leave it there.

From last months goals: 
  • I'm almost finished reading Gone Girl. 
  • The Christmas gifts I was working on from last months goals are finished! There are two new projects I need to finish very soon!
  • I destashed one box of clothes. 
See ya tomorrow.