Friday, July 19, 2013

Link Love


Hi, I had nothing yesterday. SO I decided to take a break.

Art Journal Inspiration from: Inspiration Everywhere, Everyday is a Holiday, Pam Garrison,
Loved this look back at A Beautiful Mess, they celebrated 6 years of blogging.
This a great idea for tucking things away in, Embroidery Hoop Cozy from Punk Projects.
A totally portable DIY Watercolor Palette from Alisa Burke.
Sara London has offered a free Variant Granny Square pattern on her blog.
Love all the florals in this post from Heart Handmade UK!
Word Nerd from LaWhimsy!
Love these vids from Rookie Mag.
Crochet Doily Bike Seat Cover form Heart Handmade UK.

Have a Splendid Weekend!