Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a Busy Weekend

So Friday this guy turned 4 years old!
My Mom and I took him for lunch at Islands.
He was so funny, when we walked in he told the hostess "It's my birthday!"
Later our waitress brought out a sundae for him and we sang Happy Birthday.
As we walked out of the restaurant he asked, "Is my birthday over?' Silly guy!

I also baked a marble cake for him later in the evening.
That way all of us sisters and brother could sing Happy Birthday to him!
His excitement was too cute!
Now that he realizes there is cake involved with birthdays, he is obsessed!

Sunday I attended a cousin's wedding but the time change almost kept me home.
I was excited to take this picture, I thought outfit post!
But I didn't take enough pictures and looking at this picture I look posed and stiff.
Why did I hold my arms away from my body?
I am totally loving the dress and tights combo though.
I need more dresses! haha