Thursday, March 1, 2012

Was I Just Bullied?

This is how I was feeling.

Monday night my sister and friends "C' and "S" wanted to have a little girl time. They had tried calling me but my phone was in a weird pocket that got no reception, so my sister called the house phone to invite me over. I thought it would be good to get out, but honestly did not feel like leaving the house (too cold out, the house was quiet, didn't feel chatty) so I said "No, thanks. Besides I still have laundry to fold and put away." My sister said, "okay" and told S what I said. I could hear S in the background say "you're coming over!" I thought to myself  'We'll see about that'. I might have even said aloud. Because hearing that really truely bothered me. I stated that I didn't want to go but there was no consideration for my decision.
When the laundry was all done I decided to settle down with a little TV and my crochet. THe phone rang while I was in the middle of  some good crocheting, so I ignored it. My phone rang again almost as soon as I put the crochet down. It was my cousin V calling from Seattle. When this girl calls I drop everything to talk to her! So we were talking and twice there was the beep of call waiting. I figured once I was done talking to V,  I would call S and just let her know that I  didn't feel like hanging out and talking. When I was done talking to V, my phone let me know that there were two voicemails awaitng me. The first vm was angry in tone about how they didn't appreciate being ignored. Understandable, I might feel the same. The second vm was angry stil and cursing the answering service.
I deleted them after hearing them because now I was feeling hurt.
When S doesn't want to hang out I don't harass her about it.

I could let this fester inside, so I decided to write/type it out.
Thanks for reading.