Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Weekend Was Good....

It started Friday afternoon. I had a mini lunch date with my Mom and baby brother.
We had breakfast for lunch, which I think is always yummy!

This is what my meal looked like. I was just too excited that I forgot to snap a picture of my actual meal. :( Especially because I had my new phone in my pocket.

Saturday I got these lovelies from Avon

Love 'em!

I worked on this new project
I can't even tell you how many projects before this one I started and took apart.
Sometimes if the pattern is too simple and tedious, I'll find myself getting bored.
But this pattern varies every row.

I organized my starred items in my google reader by pinning them to my Pinterest boards.
Feels great to have that stuff I was saving for some reason or other to now be divided into manageable groups.
Now I just wanna settle in with my crochet, coffee and finally get to The Walking Dead season premiere, Boardwalk Empire and Dexter episodes waiting for me on the DVR.