Monday, October 3, 2011

Grab a Badge! See the new Banner!

How was your weekend?
Mine wasn't too terrible. I did lose some sleep because I was up learning new things for the blog.
I made a new banner!

This was the first rough draft.
I didn't like the white space under the photos and couldn't get to be transparent so I scrapped this first draft and went with the mosaic banner you see up top.
All thanks to this tutorial from Clover Lane. I had to download Picasa but it was definitely worth it.
Now I can create photo collages to share here. Fun!

Plus, I finally learned how to create a grab badge for myself!
<---------------It's over there! Under the bloglovin' button.
Yeah, it's the same as the banner. I just wanted to try making one and it worked!
Believe me I've tried before without any success.
Until last night when I found this awesome tutorial by Bartering Blogger!

Yay, I feel accomplished!
On to the next goal.