Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11 for 2011 Dolly Wishlist...(meme)

I read BlytheLife blog and the readers were tagged to this meme. Yay! All that is required is to make a list of 11 doll related things you are wishing for.. so here we go

1. A PD Adorable Aubrey because they can be customised to resemble a Kenner :)

2. A twin for one my girls either Gentle River, Miss Sally Rice or Cappucino Chat

3. GR's stock

4. A dollhouse, furniture and miniatures. Something like this would be great!

5. To actually start sewing doll clothes
6. Take more dolly pictures!
7. A Pommecopine outfit
8. A Reindeer headband from Sugarduckfairy
9. An outfit from GingerUrchin
10. More tights, socks and shoes!
11. Crochet more Blythe stuff! and maybe submit to be featured on BlytheLife!

Psssssst! There's a sale going on in the shop starting today till Sunday! So please go check it out!