Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Pretties...

Happy First Day of the Week!


I wish I knew where this is from! I think I really like it because of the hydrangeas.

Leaves are pretty! This picture makes me want to go outside and gather a pretty little pile. Sigh. The only problem is that here in Southern California, we don't have a variety of leaves. Anyone want to mail some from back east? :)


I love looking at other people's doodles. I wish I was doodling more often. Actually I don't think I have since this past spring.

Lovely wallpaper! Comfy chaise! What's not to love! I found this picture on Weheartit but if you clip the source link it takes you to the cutest blog I just found. Dreamy stuff!

I love how colorful this is! And this makes me want to have my own little candy/sweets shop. :)

Well that's it for today! Till tomorrow!

P.S. I updated to shop today! Yay! And there's more to add later, I'll keep you posted ;)