Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn Faves...


Baking! I love when it finally cools down and makes baking possible. I really enjoy it! Especially on days when the house feels too chilly, because all you have to do is turn the oven on.

My favorite thing to bake is cookies. I love when they come out fluffy and a little cake like. I also like baking muffins, breads and cakes. I haven't tried my hand at pies but I plan on changing that soon.
And my favorite easy bake is all those prepackaged biscuits and croissants. I love adding them to dinners, it makes it feel homey. 

And when you want a little something sweet, but don't feel like dealing with fuss, add chocolate chips as you wrap the croissants into shape. So yummy!


See ya tomorrow!