Friday, July 9, 2010

Movies to fill an Evening...

Hi *waves* sorry for the absence yesterday. I had no internet access in the evening and no way of scheduling my post for Wednesday. sigh
But Thursday was better! I to sleep in a little yesterday morning and that is always welcomed :)
And in the evening I spent it watching movies! TMC is featuring teen movies on Thursdays in July. Fun! Last nights theme was At the Beach. I only caught 3 of the movies but that was a good thing.

First up was Gidget starring Sandra Dee, Cliff Robertson and James Darren
It's a fun movie and the guys who star in it are dreamy :) When I first saw this movie I had
a hard time liking it because I absolutely love the tv series starring Sally Field. But I've come around.

Starring Frankie and Annette. Yes, it cheesy! but entertaining! These movies always remind me of summer vacations waiting for the local movie channel to play them.

Also Frankie and Annette. Also cheesy! But you get to see Little Stevie Wonder perform at the end!
I can't wait for next Thursday the theme is '80's Night! They are showing some of my favorites!

Have a GREAT weekend!
See ya Monday!