Friday, June 7, 2013

Link Love


Art Journal Inspiration from: Inspiration Everywhere, Adventures in Art Journaling, Caatje Artsy Stuff, Another from Inspiration Everywhere, Little Raven Ink, Pam Garrison,
Cute stuffed animals.
This video!: Convos with my 2 year old. So funny!
LaWhimsy's post Word Nerd: Erubescent.
Sewn~ New Online Class from Dispatch from LA that I'd love to take.
This Crochet Ripple Bag would make a great summer accessory. Don't crochet? Contact me. I can make you one ;) Also there is a knit version if you follow the link.
Found Crochet pattern via this new to me blog: Craftmumship. Check it out!

Have a Splendid Weekend!