Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What a pretty terrible weekend!
It all started Friday morning.
My phone was ringing off the hook.
One right after the other from different family members.
My sister, my uncle, and finally my father.
I answered his call.
My mother had been in an accident.
He wasn't sure of the details becuase he hadn't spoken to my sister.
The world became suddenly very small.
My mind raced was it a car accident? Howbad was it? How injured was she?
She was hit while trying to cross the street by a little ols woman who panicked and hit the accelator instead of the brakes.
Her tibia (lower leg bone) was broken.
She was rushed to County USC.
Only to wait around hours and have NOTHING done there.
Finally she was transferred close to midnight to the hospital in our town.
She received attention right away. Thank God!
She's had two surgeries and will start Physical Therapy soon.
 I've had to step up and play mom to my four youngest siblings.
Make sure they are feed and the house keeps running smoothly.
Not an easy task. Not fun.
But I do it because there's really no one else who can or is willing to do it.
I wouldn't lie it's been overwhelming.
I'm trying to stay calm and collected.
But most importantly I'm trying not to stress eat!