Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday Movies....

So it was Teen Movie night again over on TCM. This time it was 80's movies!
Some of my absolute favorites were featured too!

This movie is funny. The ditzy mom, the weird little brother, the kid that wants his 2 dollars! Just to name a few. Plus there's the adorable John Cusack!

Next up was Sixteen Candles:

This was my first teen movie. So it I hold it in a special place. I can recite the lines backward
and forward in my sleep. And I <3 Jake Ryan. My first crush!

Last but not least Ferris Bueller's Day Off:

I think this movie gave me some incite on skipping school :) Cameron is adorable even
through his hypochrondria. And of course Ferris himself is hard to resist with his charm and
the need for a day off.

So that was movie night. If you want a little escape and fun definitely watch Better off Dead or Ferris!

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Weekend! Try and stay cool out there!

See ya Monday!