Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Weekend!

source via weheartit

YAY! The weekend is here! And it's a holiday weekend too! I'm looking forward to the fireworks on the 4th. So I leave you with a little info about me.

3 Names I go by:
Alicia/Alice- pronounced Aleeceea and my some of my family still call me Alice and my oldest
best friend.
Sister- my good friend Ro started calling me this and it stuck with people I met after that.
GF- this is between my friend Jen and I, short for girl friend, because Ro said that when we hung
out together we were act like high girls.

3 Places I have been:
Portland- I flew in there a few times when visiting my cousin, she lived in Camas, WA. And I
actually live there too! Gawd I miss it!
Seattle- my cousin moved here after Camas. I'm due for a visit!
Las Vegas- It's fun when you go with fun people!

3 Jobs I have had:
Teacher's Aide @ a Daycare- this was my first job. I loved all the kids there. Even the bratty ones,
sometimes :)
Barista- I love making coffee! I still do and sometimes I miss it. I even had a few dreams where
I was making coffee and it felt so real. lol!
Retail- It wasn't so bad but forget it when the holidays come around! Then it was a nightmare!

3 TV shows I watch:
Glee- it's just fun!
Justified- Timothy Olyphant is nice to look at!
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia- funny!

I wish I could remember where I found this!

Have A GREAT Weekend!